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The Trademark, Patent, Copyright & Anti-counterfeiting team at Legal2Legal includes some of the most prominent lawyers in India in the IP field headed by Mr. Amarit Singh, having more than 30 years’ experience and has been associated with the law firm The Acme Company, has been the founder and senior partner of the law firm Anand & Anand and is the founder and senior partner of the law firm Amarjit & Associates.
The entire team consists of lawyers who are graduates of prominent law schools of India and have a wide exposure to trademark, copyright and patent litigation and licensing in almost all the developed and developing countries of the world.
  The team also includes scientists holding PHDs, and Master’s / Bachelor’s degrees in their field of expertise which covers chemical, mechanical, electrical, electronic, biotechnology and information technology.
  The team has access to all the major databases such as Westlaw, Delphion, Lexis-Nexis and CT Corsearch along with US PTO and other relevant public databases.  
  The mission of our team is to deliver high quality services, cost effectively, in the minimum turnaround time and enable our attorney clients to service their respective clients in a more cost efficient manner.
  The services provided under TRADEMARKS include but are not limited to:
  (a) Trademark Searches  
  (b) Search Report Analysis  
  (c) Due Diligence  
  (d) Drafting of legal forms  
  (e) Trademark Licensing / Assignments  
  (f) Trademark Valuation  
  (g) Prosecution & Litigation Support
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