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This website ( www.legal2legal.com hereinafter referred to as “WEB SITE”) is the property of Lex Outsourcing Solutions Private Limited duly incorporated under the Indian Companies Act having its registered office at 18-Pusa Road, 3rd Floor, New Delhi – 110005.

By using the site or down loading information from the site, the user (“You”) agrees to the terms and conditions listed herewith. This page provides the terms and conditions for the user of the “WEB SITE”:

  1. This “WEB SITE” does not offer any legal advice. The information provided on the “WEB SITE” is solely for individual education and understanding of legal issues involved. We do not take any responsibility for any of the information or sources available on or from the “WEB SITE”.  
  2. Copyright: This “WEB SITE” including without limitation the design, text, graphics, software compilation and under lining source is the property of Lex Outsourcing Solutions Private Limited and is protected by the Copyright laws in India and other countries.  
  Permission is granted to make electronic copies and to print in hard copy portions of this “WEB SITE” for the sole purpose of researching of using the services of www.legal2legal.com . The status of Legal2Legal as a author of the maters on the “WEB SITE” shall always be acknowledged while using the material for any purpose. Any other use of materials on the “WEB SITE” without the prior written permission of Lex Outsourcing Solutions Private Limited is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to modifying, copying, distributing, permitting displaying, publishing, selling, licensing creating derivative works or using any material available on or through the “WEB SITE” for commercial or public purposes.  
  3. Trade Marks: The trade marks, logos and service marks displayed on the “WEB SITE” (excluding the third party marks, which are submitted by third party) are the property of Lex Outsourcing Solutions Private Limited or of other parties as acknowledged. You are explicitly prohibited from using any mark, logo for any purposes other than those permitted by law without express written permission of Lex Outsourcing Solutions Private Limited. This includes but is not limited to prohibition from using the marks as a matter text on other pages or “WEB SITE”. You are explicitly prohibited from using any of the marks for bidding purposes on the search engines. You undertake and agree with Lex Outsourcing Solutions Private Limited that you shall at all times use all reasonable endeavors to observe and perform these terms and conditions and in particular shall not permit any employee, sub-contractor, agents etc to:  
  (i) Use this web-site for any illegal purposes against any relevant laws in any applicable       jurisdiction.  
  (ii) Up-loading or transmitting through the site any Computer Virus, Micro Virus, Torzon Virus,        Worms, Computer Contaminant or in any design to interfere with or disturb the normal       operation of a computer, computer system and / or computer network.  
  (iii) Up-loading or transmit through the site any material, which is defamatory, offensive or of an        obscene character or that may cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety.  
  (iv) Use the “WEB SITE” in a way that may cause to be interrupted, damaged or rendered less        efficient impage the effectiveness or functionality of the site.  
  (v) Use the “WEB SITE” in any manner which violates or infringes the rights of any person, firm or       company including but not limited to Intellectual Property Rights, Confidentiality Rights or the       Privacy Rights.  

(vi) Interfere with or diminish (whether by act or omission), the right, title and interest in the
      “WEB SITE” and the products services available on it.

  4. Links: Certain links within the “WEB SITE” communicates to other web-sites or URLs, which is maintained by third parties over which Legal2Legal has no control and such links are provided for reference and information purposes only.  
  Specifically such link does not constitute authorization to access such other web-site not as to constitute any encroachment of Legal2Legal of any material. On such other web-sites or URLs, nor any representation as to the accuracy of the information contained within such other web-site or URLs.  
  Legal2Legal specifically disclaims any responsibility or liability for access to, or the material on, any website, which is linked from or to the “WEB SITE”.  
  5. Linking to our Website: You may link to our home page, provided you do so in a way i.e. fair and legal and which does not damage Legal2Legal’s reputation in any way. In particular, you must not establish a link in such a way as to suggest any form of association, approval or endorsement on Legal2Legal part where none-exists. The site must not be framed on any other web-site nor should you establish a link to any part of the site other than the home page.  
  Legal2Legal reserves the right to withdraw the linking permission without any notice.  
  6. Jurisdiction and applicable law: Any claims or disputes arising from or relating to a visit to the “WEB SITE” will be governed by the laws applicable in India and courts at New Delhi would have the excusive jurisdiction to adjudicate upon such claims or disputes.  
  7. Queries: If you have any other queries about the material which appears on the “WEB SITE”, we can be contacted at info@legal2legal.com. .  
  Thank you for visiting our website.  
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