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Privacy Policy
  The sole purpose of www.legal2legal.com is to act as a business tool and to provide information about the legal developments in the industry. We want the users / visitors to this site to feel secure while visiting our website and are committed to maintain your privacy while doing so.  
  Please read the following points carefully to understand our practices for treating your personal data and maintaining the privacy of our visitors to the web-site:  
  (i) What information do we gather?     
   To achieve our goals and to serve you better we need to collect information and understand the user behaviour. We may collect and process the data from the following sources:  
  • We collect information directly from you in number of wages, some of which are described in this privacy statement.
  • We may collect the data through the use of Cookies; Cookies are the small files, which gets stored on your computer provides information about your visit to our web-site. For example: from which sources you entered our site, what are the areas of interest, which brings you to our site etc.
  If you are not comfortable by the use of Cookies, we advise to disable the same in your preferences options of your Browser.  
  • Information you provide by filling in any of the forms on the site;
  • Information you provide us for enquiry purposes.
  (ii) How the information provided by you shall be used by us.      
  We analyze the information submitted by you on our site to help us to improve and to determine how we can serve you through our Web-site by making it more efficient and informative.  
  (iii) Shall we share the provided data with the other parties?  
  • As a Global organization, we share data with our offices in different jurisdictions, worldwide. We will not sell or provide data and shall use it only for the purposes as described above.
  (iv) What makes your sensitive data secure?  
  We will never share any sensitive data through the site. In any circumstances, if we shall require such data, the user will be intimated about the same before providing the same to us through the site. By providing such sensitive personal data you consent to our using the same subject to the applicable laws in our jurisdiction.  
  (v) Does the user have the access to the information?  
  The user / visitor on the “WEB SITE” have the full right to know whether we hold any kind of data belonging to him or her and if the user desires the same can be provided or can be updated or modified on the user’s request through e-mail.  
  We make all endevours and take all necessary steps to maintain the security of your data at www.legal2legal.com . At the same time users / visitors should understand the nature of the open internet is such that the data may flow from one network to the other without security measures and may be accessed and used by people other than those for whom the said data is intended for.  
  If you have any questions about the privacy policy of the web-site, we can be reached at info@legal2legal.com  
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