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  Quality :  
At Legal2Legal, quality is our primary goal. Each of our associates has graduated from one of the top law schools in India, practiced law for at least three years, received extensive legal training, and passed Legal2Legal’s rigorous legal research and writing exam. These attorneys are capable of providing high quality legal research and writing as are being practiced by the outsourcers in their jurisdiction.
The following factors give us an additional impetus :
  • India, like the US, is a common-law jurisdiction rooted in the British legal tradition.
    Indian legal training is conducted solely in English.
  • Appellate and Supreme Court proceedings in India take place exclusively in English.
  • Indian legal opinions are written exclusively in English.
  Productivity :  
  • Due to the time-zone differences, nighttime in the US is daytime in India, which means that our clients' projects get 24-hour attention, and some projects can be completed overnight!
  • India being having one of the top rated network supports and high speed network connectivity can deliver projects and interact with the outsourcer’s through the latest technologies.
  • India offers 50-60% net cost reduction in any work being outsourced without being any compromise on quality .
  • Difference in wages from the US or UK parent location is about 70-80%. Interaction costs increase by 10-20%, India being an offshore destination.
  • At Legal2Legal we are able to take advantage of the large wage disparity between Indian attorneys and their U.S. counterparts, and our rates reflect this cost advantage.

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