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Legal2Legal has put into practice multi-level security systems that ensure infallible client-data security and confidentiality at all stages. High-end technology tools like intrusion prevention systems, authentication tools and firewalls are incorporated in our systems. Our working office is based in the heart of the capital city of New Delhi which boasts of sophisticated power and data back up systems and redundant telecommunication links to ensure fail proof continuity of work flow.
Legal2Legal emphasizes great concern over employee security and as such the employees recruited by Legal2Legal have to sign confidentiality agreements after undergoing a thorough background check. The access to information / data is on a need to know basis and controlled by the master terminal. The employees do not have access to printers or any kind of data recording devices are forbidden inside the work area.
Legal2Legal performs conflict checks for each new assignment to maintain highest ethical principles. We also adhere to rigorous confidentiality standards and signs non-disclosure agreements with all our global clients.
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