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You may contact us by e-mail, fax or phone. To create a transparent and long lasting relationship, please put up all your queries and doubts and we shall be pleased to clarify the issues. You may get back to us as often as you want at any time of day and night as we work 24x7.   You have certain expectations from outsourcing and if you think Legal2Legal can meet the same, we will depute our team of specialists to meet your key personnel, in your office or ours. After comprehending your current work flow, we shall together evolve the new operations workflow wherein clearly established services from your curent workflow shall be taken over by us.   Project coordinators shall be placed at your site if required, during the taking over of the services and also in subsequent regular operations
Knowing us well shall enhance your comfort level. We shall make a presentation of self-introduction to you featuring our services, techniques for project management, data security methodolgy being adopted by us, quality assurances, past experience in projects of similar nature, financial strength to take on the project, any or all information you need to know.   A comprehensive plan for the takeover of your determined services shall be jointly prepared by the two teams. It shall deal with the processes, personnel training, and service levels of the project. Subsequently a dry run shall be undertaken to smoothen out the initial hiccups and ultimately proceeding to the takeover.   The project coordinators shall monitor the progress of the project and provide the necessary support to the offshore team at all hours.
You must visit our facilities in New Delhi, the capital of India, to take a first hand look at our robust infrastructure, state of the art facilities and efficient processes.   The commercial issues such as non-disclosure agreements, conflict checks, price negotiations, payments terms, etc. shall be simultaneously finalized by the management teams of both the organizations.   Regular feedback and completed projects shall be provided in the pre-agreed format within the mutually agreed time frame.
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