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Data Security
Data under one’s control is normally presumed to be safe and secure- while data entrusted to others always causes a natural anxiety with respect to its security. In case of an outsourcing relationship the dimension of anxiety increases as in addition to the stored data at the client’s and vendor’s premises, the in-transit data too needs to be protected.
Though, to gain the immense advantages being offered by outsourcing work processes to wherever they are being offered at the finest value proposition, the client needs to reconcile to the fact of entrusting data, to a certain degree, to the vendor. Here comes then the selection of one’s vendor with a great degree of caution- a vendor who gives equal importance to the security of data at all times and has put in place the most comprehensive procedures with optimum use of technology.
  Legal2Legal respects the client’s data and appreciates the significance of keeping the same under unyielding security at all times. We realize that in an outsourcing arrangement the data, normally, needs to be secured against three modes of loss:
  (a) Data theft- industrial espionage, by copying to removable devices such as floppies, CDs, data       travelers and by transferring the same electronically via e-mail or ftp.  
  (b) Disabling attacks- broad based and without specific targets occurring through viruses, worms, etc.  
  (c) Accidental disasters- loss of hardware on which data is stored by fire, floods and natural calamities.  
  Legal2Legal envisages two principal models on which it works:
  (i) Client hosted Database  
  (ii) Independent Data Centre (IDC) hosted Database  
  Each of the above two models provides varying degrees of advantages and drawbacks and the choice between either in a particular case would emerge by harmonizing the requisite parameters of desired security level and economy. The pros and cons of the above mentioned two models are evaluated as under:
Parameter   Client Hosted Database IDC Hosted Database
Responsibility of hosting   Client Independent Data Centre
Most suited for   Very large organisations having trained manpower and established and proven security procedures All types of organisations
Operational efficiency   Average High
Security Tools   Fair Very high
Data Back up   Fair Very high
Dual Redundant Disaster Recovery System   Fair Very high
Protection against disabling attacks   Fair Very high
Security Comfort to the Client   Maximum Fair
Cost effective   Low Very high
  The IDC hosted model provides the highest security tools with the least fixed costs and has potential benefits for the client as well as the vendor.Legal2Legal can adopt either of the above models as per the specific requirements of the client.
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