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Taking a decision of outsourcing your legal processes to Legal2Legal in India is a strategic move, which will initiate a constructive partnership to give a boost to your operations with excellence and expand your business perspectives. Legal2Legal is based on the mantras of quality, confidentiality, integrity, and punctuality. Once Legal2Legal takes up your specific project, its team of proficient experts ensure that it meets and exceeds your expectations on the service levels, while maintaining strict confidentiality and adhering to the agreed delivery schedule in the pre-agreed formats. Our services shall make your operations more efficient and cost effective, while leaving enough time with you and your associates to look at the core functions for expansion and innovation thereby adding more value to your business.
  High-Value Services for High-End Requriments  
At Legal2Legal, we believe that it is all about but people. Our people and the procedures adopted by them form the essence of our high quality operations. Legal2Legal draws upon the extensive experience and knowledge of its highly qualified English speaking legal staff in diverse sectors in developing and designing customized solutions for high-end legal projects involving research, analysis, and legal intricacies. With the help of our technical experts in various other fields we are capable of supporting your back end office work and to cater to every conceivable legal process outsourcing need of the clients.
  Total Security & Confidentiality    
Legal2Legal has put into practice multi-level security systems that ensure infallible data security at all stages.

The organization uses proprietary tools and highly secure networks with state-of-the-art encryption technology to interface with clients. Instead of the public network, Legal2Legal employs a totally secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) for data communication between offshore and onsite teams on demand.

Legal2Legal has introduced several physical and electronic measures, designed to safeguard the confidentiality of client information. We have set up high-end technology tools such as firewalls, authentication tools, and intrusion prevention systems. Our totally secure physical facility near Delhi features sophisticated power and data back-up systems, redundant telecommunications links, and robust networking for failure-proof workflow continuity.

Legal2Legal adheres to a stringent security policy, required to protect crucial client data and information assets. Rigorous and regular security audits remain an integral part of our customer commitment and enable us to ensure that our policies and procedures comply with world-class information security management systems. Employee security is another crucial factor and those recruited by Legal2Legal have to undergo a thorough screening/background check and sign confidentiality agreements. We also hold regular training sessions on information security for our staff members.

Legal2Legal performs conflict checks for each new assignment to maintain highest ethical principles. We also adhere to rigorous confidentiality standards and signs non-disclosure agreements with all our global clients.

  Security measures at a glance:  
  • Hardware & software firewalls
  • Secure LAN/WAN connectivity
  • Encrypted transmission & storage
  • Onsite & offsite storage & backup
  • Security audits
  • "Chinese Walls" to protect client data including:
    • Round-the-clock physical security at Legal2Legal premises
    • Access control systems
    • Client-dedicated production floor & equipment
    • Project-dedicated personnel
    • Pre-recruitment screening & security clearance
    • Regular training on information security
Value-added cost savings: Reduced costs, increased capabilities, and enhanced quality become major motivators when it comes to offshore outsourcing. Offshoring your legal processes to Legal2Legal in India not only reduces direct costs but also helps you gain long-term benefits - so often overlooked. In addition to cost competitive service charges for routine back-end jobs, the organization can support your core operations as well. And our enhanced service level ensures value-added cost savings, as you will be able to benefit from innovative solutions, improved performance, and increased efficiency. Outsourcing to Legal2Legal significantly reduces operational costs. For basic support work, you may save as much as 35%, while entrusting us with more sophisticated and higher-value work may result in a 50%-70% saving without being any compromise with the quality of work. This, in turn, will help you gain a distinct competitive edge over other firms and substantially increase profits. Most importantly, you may now re-allocate internal resources to focus on core business & strategic moves.
Increased time efficiency: Outsourcing your legal processes to Legal2Legal ensures faster production due to time zone advantages. In other words, our system runs efficiently and effectively, and work for the offshore operation can be handed over as late as the end of any workday in the USA. Your work gets done while USA/UK sleeps, thanks to the time zone differences. It will be completed and delivered by the beginning of the next US business day in most cases. At Legal2Legal, state-of-the-art technology and high levels of infrastructure redundancy is combined with stringent standards of quality and compliance to ensure consistent and timely delivery of output.
Pre-sale visit to client site: In order to serve you better and ensure greater reliability, Legal2Legal has decided to move ahead of the traditional offshore outsourcing model and provide you with value-added onsite/onshore assistance. Legal2Legal professionals will make a pre-sale visit to the client site for an accurate business assessment. We will review your goals, objectives, and strategies; analyze project-specific needs; and come up with innovative solutions and services that will best suit your requirements.
Onsite project managers for better reliability: Legal2Legal brings experienced project managers directly to your location, ensuring greater efficiency and better reliability throughout the project life cycle. Our onsite project managers/coordinators will interface with you round the clock and work closely with the Legal2Legal team in India - in order to ensure strict adherence to superior quality standards and committed delivery schedules. In case you already have a specific methodology in place, our professionals will be glad to execute the project the way you would have done it in-house. By providing value-added services and technological expertise that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations, Legal2Legal becomes the virtual partner of all its overseas clients. At Legal2Legal, each client gets our unrivaled personal attention, while our high-caliber professionals will execute your project in a way that matches your company's vision.
Custom project plan & seamless integration: The flexibility and versatility of our Onsite Service Model adds value to the overall project integration process. Unlike other vendors, Legal2Legal is a service provider who comprehends your core business needs and studies your current processes, operating environment, workflow, and performance benchmarks. We then develop a custom project plan; strictly adhere to the pre-agreed methodology and service levels; and continuously endeavor to improve on them in order to become an integral part of your legal support service team.
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